Valiancy Good Vibes

Valiancy Releases "Good Vibes"

A song to make you feel good

Valiancy realesed his latest single "Good Vibes" on October 28th 2021. Written and Produced by Kyle Harris, this track is reminiscent of the Beach Boys with it's harmonic chorus and punchy production. This is a song that will be sure to make you feel good in a time when everyone could use some Good Vibes. 

For me, Kyle's vocals are a highlight of ‘In The Dark’. Beautiful, emotion filled vocals I could listen to all day.”

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In The Dark

The Hit Single by Valiancy

The Hit Single "In The Dark" by Valiancy was featured on the Netflix official playlist for the show In The Woods. 

Valiancy announces the official release of “In The Dark”

The world we all live in is full of despair, pain, drug addiction, mental illness, and a host of other societal ills. “In The Dark” by Valiancy, is about hope. It’s about reaching out and lifting someone up to higher ground.  

With Kyle Harris as the writer, producer, and vocalist, it is no wonder this song drives so much emotion and power. Starting with a haunting piano intro that’s encompassed by subharmonics, and an upfront intimate vocal, this song envelops true meaning to those who suffer from the trials of daily life and depression and then feel lifted to a higher place once the chorus of hope and light shine through.  

Valiancy is a Pop-Rock singer/songwriter and producer. Stemming from rock and pop music, his sound is anthemic and harmonic. His influence comes from artists and producers such as James Brown, D’Angelo, The Beatles, OneRepublic/Ryan Tedder, Bread and Max Martin. 

Lead singer, writer, and producer Kyle Harris was raised outside of Seattle and has spent much of his adult life in California and Hawaii. He currently resides in Utah. He grew up listening to The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Classical music on his parent’s record player and knew he wanted to write and produce music. He began playing the piano and guitar at an early age and became strongly influenced by the production of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Ryan Tedder, Max Martin and Timbaland. He writes, produces and records all of his own records. 

His debut EP “Patience Is A Virtue” was released in December of 2017 and featured the songs, “Rear View Mirror”, “Levitate”, and “Someone’s Gotta Give”. 

His latest single, “In The Dark” was released on February 27th, 2020. 

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Good Vibes Valiancy

Valiancy Releases GOOD VIBES

A Song that makes you feel good

Good Vibes is the latest single written and produced by Kyle Harris, also known by Valiancy. Good Vibes is a pop song about life and wanting to get rid of the negative influences that surround us. It is reminiscent of the Beach Boys in the chorus harmonies and showcases the sonic textures of Valiancy's Productions. We know you will have "Good Vibes" as you listen to this latest single by Valiancy.