Valiancy Releases debut EP

Valiancy released his Debut EP titled, "Patience is a Virtue". The EP contained 3 songs that he wrote and produced. The songs are Levitate, Someone's Gotta Give, and Rear View Mirror. 

Valiancy,  who's real name is Kyle Harris, wrote the EP after being inspired by attending a One Republic concert. Valiancy knew that he had to release an EP before it became too late. He had written and produced songs for other artists for a long time but knew it was time for him to release his own music. 

The first song Valiancy wrote was Levitate which is about being with someone who takes you to higher ground. The song is filled with huge drums and a sweeping melody. 

The next song Valiancy wrote and produced was Someone's Gotta Give. This song is about long-distance relationships and how someone always needs to give in a little for the relationship to work. 

The 3rd and final song of the EP is called Rear View Mirror, which was written about his wife Gloria and when he first saw her. 

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